6-Hour New York Point & Insurance Reduction Course

A popular online driving course in New York for reducing traffic points and insurance rates.

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PIRP, also known as the Point & Insurance Reduction Program, is offered by JB Safe Drivers and is approved by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). This course is a comprehensive driving course that will help you learn techniques for safe and lawful driving. 

After enrolling in the course, you will be provided with 30 hours of class along with study materials. We also offer weekday classes, Saturday and Sunday classes, Saturday only, and Sunday only classes. We always believe that one should attain their goal at their own speed. We also encourage the students to complete the course at any time and from anywhere. 

This is the most recommended course by the DMV for those who want to qualify for insurance discounts, reduce the traffic points on their license, or learn about safe and defensive driving in NY.

6-Hour New York Point and Insurance Reduction

JBSafe Drivers is authorized by DPS to administer the road driving test for teens and adults 18 years or over.


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Frequently Asked Questions on
6-Hour New York Point & Insurance Reduction Course

What are the benefits of taking an IPIRP course?

There are various benefits to enrolling in the New York and Insurance Reduction Courses.

  1. It will help you gain driving knowledge. 
  2. It will also help you avoid losing your license if you have 11 or more points on your driving record.
    • If you have 11 or more points, 4 points are “subtracted” for calculating a suspension.
    • The tickets/points do not get detached from your driving record.
    • Learn about the New York State point system.
  3. Reduce the base rate of your auto and motorcycle insurance premiums by 10% each year for three years.


Note: This course does not claim to prevent suspension. Even after taking this course, you need to give a driver responsibility assessment.

Does the defensive driving course remove points in NY?

Upon completion of this course (which has been approved by the DMV), the DMV will reduce the active driving record points by up to four points.Reducing the points on your license is critical because increasing the points on your license will reduce your driving privileges.You will also get a discount of up to 10% for the next 3 years on your insurance.

How do I get points off my license in NY?

You can remove the points on your driving license by taking this course. This course will also help you save up to 10% on your insurance rates. Register now to get started!

How much do these two points affect insurance in NY?

If you have 2 points on your driving license, that means you need to pay 20%–100% more for insurance, depending on the driver’s insurance company. 

Minor traffic violations, such as making a wrong U-turn or driving with your headlights turned off at night, are usually penalized with two points. The increase in insurance rates due to points also depends upon the driver’s insurance company and the home state. 

How many points are there for a speeding ticket in New York?

If you have violated the speed rules, you will be charged a fine of between $90 and $600. To be more specific, you will be charged around $45-$150 for speeding 1 mph to 10 mph over the limit. Violations of the speed limit from 11 to 30 mph will cost you around $90-$300, and speeding 31+ mph over the limit will cost you $180-$600.

How does the traffic point reduction course work?

JBSafe Drivers’ Point and Insurance Reduction Courses are completely online. You can enroll in the course at any time and finish it at your own pace. You also don’t need to take any final exams after completing the course. Our defensive driving course in New York is approved by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) and also checks off the standards for online driving courses. 

Not only this, but you will also get the guidance of the driving mentors and instructors. You just need to head over to www.jbsafedrivers.com.  Select New York Points and Insurance Savings Training. Fill in your information, make the payments, and you are good to go! We also offer different courses in different cities.

Intrigued to know more about defensive driving in New York, then definitely read our latest blog on Everything you need to know about New York Defensive Driving Courses.   

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