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    Are you worried about increasing traffic ticket points or heavy insurance bills? Do traffic laws confuse you? Are you looking for a traffic ticket lawyer who can help you understand the law? That’s all right! You have come to the right place. We are a team of traffic lawyers that not only simplify but also lower your points on your driving license.

    Now think about the need for a hiring attorney. Is it really needed? Why should you pay for a traffic ticket attorney? Don’t make the mistake of not consulting a traffic lawyer for your traffic ticket. 

    You must know about the major consequences that will follow your failure to pay your traffic ticket points.

    License Suspension

    There are certain rules in which if you are considered to be violating them, you may lose your license for a long time.

    Increase Premium

    The major consequence of getting points on traffic tickets is that it will increase your insurance premium, so you will have to pay more.

    Traffic School

    Only first-time offenders get this kind of penalty by the court or judge. You have to attend a traffic school.

    Community Service

    You should be lucky if you get a community service agreement that you have to go through some number of hours of community service.

    These are some punishments you will face after getting a traffic ticket. But you can avoid these situations by hiring a traffic ticket attorney who can help you make your record clean. However, you need a better defense person to handle your case.

    JB Safe Driver understands the burden and financial loss of receiving traffic tickets. Our goal is not only to clean your records but also to save you time and money. We firmly believe that our professional traffic ticket attorney possesses all of the qualities necessary to relieve you of your concerns and help you maintain a clean driving record.

    Save Money

    JBSAFEDRIVER offers services and courses that are affordable.

    Save Time

    We value your time and that is why we are available 24x7 at your service.

    Save License

    Our professional legal team will save your license from being suspended.

    Frequently Asked Questions on
    Traffic Tickets

    Should I hire a lawyer for a speeding ticket in NYC?

    Yes, it is worthwhile to hire a lawyer for a speeding ticket in NYC. As a legal representative, he knows the legal rules and can proceed accordingly.

    How long does a speeding ticket stay on your record?

    It will stay on your record for three to five years. But it may vary with the state you live in.

    What happens when you get a speeding ticket in Florida?

    If you receive a speeding ticket in Florida, you should think about saving your license, driving record, and insurance premiums. Most people in Florida just accept the penalty and pay off the fine. Very few of them know about hiring an attorney to fight speeding tickets.

    Will 3 points affect my insurance?

    Having three points has an impact on your car insurance premium, which is also getting closer to the suspension of your driving license.

    What do the 6 points on your license mean?

    A driver who gets 6 penalty points within two years of passing their driving test will have their driving license revoked.

    Do points show on your driving license card?

    Yes, if a driver receives points after committing an offense, it will show on their driving license card.

    What does 122 mean on a driving license?

    Code 122 is a Basic Moped Training Course. If you choose this code or take a basic moped training course, your license is valid.

    What does 107 mean on a driving license?

    Code 107 on a driving license is a restriction code of not more than 8,250 kg. A driver can apply for a vehicle with a combined weight of up to 12 tonnes.

    What does "B" mean on a driving license?

    With class B on a driving license, you can drive passenger cars or lorries. The maximum weight of a motor vehicle is not more than 3,500kg.